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Summer Norwegian Voyages

The Mighty Fine Company is proud to offer a tempting selection of itineraries for Summer Norwegian Voyages. From seven-day, one-way journeys like The Classic Voyage North, to epic 12-day adventures, such as The Breathtaking Norwegian Fjords Cruise, you are sure to find a summertime voyage you simply cannot resist.

Why Cruise in Summer?

Warmer Weather

Summertime in Bergen is much dryer than the rest of the year and temperatures tend to stay in double figures. Even at the North Cape, which is the most northerly point of mainland Europe, the temperatures sometimes manage to creep up to around 13°C.

More Destinations 

Occasionally in winter, it is not possible to make port in certain locations due to adverse weather and ice conditions, however, in summer, this is never an issue.

The Midnight Sun

At the North Cape, the sun does not set for the entire months of June and July, due to its extreme northerly location. This is a fascinating phenomenon for those that have never witnessed it before.

Picturesque Scenery

Although the Norwegian landscapes look dramatic when they are draped in snow, they are equally spectacular in the summertime, especially the fjords. Steep-sided valleys, which are coated in lush green vegetation, plunge towards the sparkling blue waters of the fjords, creating heavenly vistas.

Popular Destinations on Summer Norwegian Voyages

The North Cape

As mentioned before, this point is as far north as you can get on the European mainland. Summer Norwegian voyages round this northern tip as a matter of course, but when you disembark for a shore excursion, you can stand atop the North Cape’s 300 metre high cliff and feel like you are at the end of the Earth.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is certainly no secret, because its legendary beauty is well documented across the globe. People travel from far and wide to witness Norway’s most treasured fjord and you can experience it too on our summer Norwegian voyages.


Trendy Tromsø is the capital of Arctic Norway and it is a popular location for seeing the dazzling Northern Lights. Of course, you will not see these phenomena on our summer Norwegian voyages, but there is much more to the city than just the Aurora. Amongst the array of attractions are the cable car to the top of Storsteinen Mountain, the pretty Botanical Gardens, the striking Arctic Cathedral and Polaria, the world’s most northerly aquarium.


The colourful wooden buildings of the Hanseatic wharf are iconic to this UNESCO World Heritage City and Bryggen Harbour is steeped in history and tradition. Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and it’s bursting with charm, character and life. The majority of our summer Norwegian voyages begin and end in Bergen.

The Lofoten Islands

Literally thousands of rugged islands make up the Lofoten archipelago and during a summertime voyage, you can see the abundance of wildlife that they support. From puffins that bob on the waves and sea eagles that soar in the sky, to moose that lurk in the mountains and whales that play in the channels, make sure you keep your eyes peeled when sailing through the Lofoten Islands.

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