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Serious Adventure Holidays

Sail to the Antarctic on our Serious Adventure Holidays

If you are the kind of person who wants an experience rather than a break, our Serious Adventure Holidays are just the thing. These full on experiences take you off the beaten track to face challenges and uncover destinations beyond your wildest dreams.

If it's a physical challenge you're looking for with our Serious Adventure Holidays, our hiking holiday in Norway takes you to some of the most amazing summits the country has to offer. If it's the thrill of following in the footsteps of the great explorers you long for, sail with us to Antarctica. And if you're looking the ultimate test of endurance, how about a snowmobile tour of the Russian wilderness?

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  • Finland: All-Action Lapland Adventure Week

    Choose a Finland Adventure Holiday for an adrenilin fuelled activity break in the snow

    Action-packed, week long wilderness break featuring multi-day snowmobile and husky sled adventures. If you are a thrill seeker looking for a new experience, a Finland Adventure Holiday is the ideal choice. Race over Arctic trails on a powerful...

    7 Days From £2624

  • Canada: Polar Bear Enthusiast

    A Polar Bear Watching Holiday introducing you to Eskimo culture and taking you onto the Tundra

    Action-packed, eight day, small group, adventure with three Tundra Buggy safaris searching for Polar Bears along the Hudson Bay coastline. The majestic Polar Bear is a stunning creature that most of us only dream of seeing. You can, however, make...

  • Canada: Polar Bear Photography Holiday

    A fantastic Polar Bear Photography Holiday, enjoy unique opportunities to observe these magnificent creatures

    An action-packed, nine day, small group, photography break, with five day trips on the Tundra Buggy searching for stunning Polar Bears in their natural habitat. Are you an amateur photographer keen to take the shot of a lifetime? On our Polar Bear...

  • Finland: Thrilling Snowmobile Adventure in Lapland

    Experience a Finland Snowmobile Safari like no other as you race over frozen Arctic trails on your own snowmobile

    Intensive, five day adventure exploring some of the world’s best snowmobiling terrains. Harriniva in Finland is the ideal starting point for this thrilling five-day snowmobile adventure. Discover the scenic countryside as your Finland Snowmobile...

    7 Days From £2762

  • Spitsbergen: Svalbard Arctic Adventure

    With a Svalbard Adventure you don't just visit the Arctic - you live it

    Thrillingly authentic, five day Arctic wilderness break in Spitsbergen, featuring an overnight snowmobile safari with a stay in the Ship in the Ice or the luxury Isfjord Radio hotels and a half day husky excursion. If you’re searching for an...

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