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Singles Holidays

At the Mighty Fine Company we aim to provide an exceptional holiday experience and great value whether you’re travelling alone, in a group or with a partner. That’s why we provide such popular Singles Holidays – getaways where you experience fabulous activities and excellent accommodation.

For solo travellers, finding the same holiday availability as those going away with others can be a challenge. Many hotels and activity providers often set their prices based on a minimum of two guests and are not equipped to cater for individual holiday-goers. This can result in a substantial supplement on Singles Holidays – something we work hard to avoid.

What We Do

We source hotels for Singles Holidays that are either more capable of hosting independent guests or are more flexible about doing so. We also search out activities designed with solo participants in mind and identify the best time of year for customers to travel. Indeed, we ensure that Singles Holidays with us are every bit as exciting and fulfilling as our offerings for groups, families and couples.

The Choice is Yours

Our wide range of Singles Holidays caters for all tastes. Wildlife watching tours are ideal for those with a love of nature. Head out to sea to spot a vast array of marine life, from seals and seabirds to Orca and Humpback Whales or explore the unspoilt wildernesses of Scandinavia, searching for creatures such as moose and elk. You can visit a reindeer farm and a husky kennel and interact with the animals first hand or set out on thrilling expeditions to see Brown Bears and even Polar Bears.

Get Active

If you’re looking for more activity-focussed Singles Holidays, we’ve a host of breaks to choose from. Learn the skills of a husky musher and drive your own dog sled across an Arctic wonderland, or fly over snowy landscapes on a snowmobile expedition. For something more relaxed, a snowshoeing excursion is always a popular choice, giving you the chance to explore your surroundings at your own pace.

Wilderness Experience

For a taste of what you can look forward to with Mighty Fine Company Singles Holidays, our Winter Trip to The Wilderness is ideal, comprising thrilling activities, fabulous wildlife, exhilarating exploration and exceptional value. This tour is based in a remote region of northern Finland and gives you the chance to drive a husky team, visit a reindeer farm and try your hand at cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Its location also means that you have the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights illuminating the Arctic skies. And your chances of this are increased on a special Aurora hunt where you follow an expert guide to some of the area’s prime viewing points.

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