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Snowmobiling : Finland

Experience the thrill of Snowmobiling in Finland

Are you looking for your next exciting adventure? Book a winter break Snowmobiling in Finland and wake each day to a new exhilarating experience. Novices and experienced snowmobilers are invited to explore the pure white terrains of Finland as we take you on journeys through glistening forests and over frozen lakes during your time snowmobiling in Finland. Why settle for anything but the most memorable holiday when you could be enjoying the thrills of an activity break in one of the most beautiful places on Earth?

Take a look at our range of snowmobile holidays! Or, if you need a little more guidance on choosing your action packed break, check out our snowmobiling holiday ideas!

Snowmobiling, Finland and the Northern Lights

One of the most appealing aspects of Snowmobiling in Finland is the fact it presents the opportunity to search for the Northern Lights. The dazzling display of reds, greens and blues are often seen flickering across the dark night skies during the latter months of the year and what better way to add to the excitement than looking for the Aurora during a fantastic snowmobile safari?

Let the Games Begin

When you go Snowmobiling in Finland you are introduced to a variety of challenging terrains which will ensure no two days are the same. Catch your breath as you speed through the most spectacular vistas and enjoy seeing the sights in a completely different way. Your instructor will show you how to manoeuvre and after a few safety tips and guidance on how to control the vehicle, you are free to venture into the Finnish wilderness.

Wind Down in Style

Unwind in an incredible base after Snowmobiling in Finland

End each thrilling day of Snowmobiling in Finland with a soothing massage or step into the comforting confines of a traditional Finnish sauna. Dine on local cuisine and tempt your taste buds with dishes prepared using the finest of ingredients. Retire to the warmth of a private cabin and enjoy a great night’s sleep as you prepare for the excitement of the days ahead. Embrace the complete Finnish experience when you go Snowmobiling in Finland with the Mighty Fine Company.

A Different Kind of Winter Holiday

If snowmobiling just isn’t enough to satisfy your desire for adventure, book one of our ultimate activity breaks and fulfil your every adrenalin-fuelled fantasy. Begin your experiences in Finland and cross the border into Sweden to stay in an incredible ice palace. Sleep in rooms carved from snow and ice and toast your escapades with a drink at the ice bar. Why stop at snowmobiling when you can throw more exciting pursuits into the mix? Book a holiday that also includes dog sledding for an action-packed break from which you may never wish to return!

Ready to Book?

Seize the day and select your ideal adventure holiday Snowmobiling in Finland. The finer details of each getaway can be found on the website and further information is available by contacting our helpful advisers. No matter how much or how little time you have to spare, we can make it happen, so call one of our team on the number above to design the break of your dreams.

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