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Snowmobiling : Lapland

Head out into the snow-topped countryside excursions when you choose Snowmobiling in Lapland

The dreamlike image a glistening landscape buried under untouched snow up to a metre or more deep entices countless travellers to try Snowmobiling in Lapland every year and with a single glace at the pristine Lappish scenery it’s easy to understand why! These breathtaking vistas provide both an incomparable view and the perfect base for a wide range of thrilling activities. Discover the spectacular country up-close on an exhilarating snowmobiling safari in this unforgettable destination. Snowmobiling in Lapland allows you explore the sensational countryside of Lapland while experiencing an incredible, adrenalin-fuelled pursuit.

If an action-packed snowmobiling break sounds like your kind of thing, our range of snowmobile holidays should be perfect for you! If, however, you could do with a bit of advice on what there is to choose from, have a look at our snowmobiling holiday ideas!

Extreme Adventure

If the thrill of Snowmobiling in Lapland is the focus of your getaway then make sure you don’t miss a minute of potential excitement with one of our full-on snowmobile adventures. Learn to control and drive these powerful vehicles before embarking on a journey like no other as you travel into the Lappish wilderness on a multi-day expedition. Spend each night in a wilderness lodge as you head well off the beaten track into the untouched areas of the region. Your guide will introduce you to some of the hidden gems of Lapland as you experience an adventure like no other. For those of you wanting something especially different, we also offer an expedition from Finnish Lapland that will take you across the border into Russia! Whichever option you choose, these intense Snowmobiling in Lapland adventures guarantee an unforgettable experience and unique discovery of the wilderness.

Action-Packed Itineraries

Snowmobiling in Lapland may well be just one amongst many things you’re eager to experience on your adventure. If so, our multi-activity breaks are perfect for you. Why not combine the thrill of Snowmobiling in Lapland safari with the classic husky sledding excursion that goes hand in hand with the enticing image of snow-covered wilderness? This traditional pursuit takes you out to explore the iconic scenery in authentic style and can be enjoyed as well as Snowmobiling in Lapland with our multi-activity tours. These breaks introduce you to a world of exciting activities on top of husky sledding and snowmobiling. Why not enjoy a relaxing journey through the wilderness in a reindeer sleigh? Or head out on snowshoes or skis on an independent exploration of the pristine countryside? The range of activities available ensures that Lapland will have something to suit you; your only problem will be being spoilt for choice!

A Magical Sight

Observe the stunning Aurora like never before when you go Snowmobiling in Lapland

Lapland is a frequent host to breathtaking displays of the Northern Lights; this incredible sight is one of Lapland’s biggest draws. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Aurora has captivated those fortunate enough to see it for generations and, while we now understand the science behind it, all who see it agree that there’s something magical about the sight, one you can enjoy first hand when you set out Snowmobiling in Lapland!

Stunning Accommodation

Complete the dream getaway to Lapland and choose to stay in a stunning log cabin. What better way to unwind after a day’s Snowmobile in Lapland than in front of a roaring fire with the breathtaking scenery just outside the window in the comfort of your own traditional log cabin? You can also opt for a truly unique base on one night of your tour and stay in one of Lapland’s ice and snow hotels or the Harad’s treehotel. With the original Icehotel in Swedish Lapland and the ultimate activity base; the Lainio Snow Village or the fascinating and authentic Igloo Village in Finnish Lapland you have ample opportunity to complete your Snowmobiling in Lapland break with a night in unforgettable accommodation. For those of you seeking warmer climes, the Harad’s treehotel offers the opportunity to spend a night suspended above the snow of the forest floor in your very own treeroom! Choose between the Mirrorcube, UFO, Bird’s Nest and many more to find your ideal base.

A Festive Touch

One of the most popular times to try Snowmobiling in Lapland is over the Christmas period and the reason why is clear to see; Lapland is the home of Santa Claus! Make your festive break truly magical with a visit to the man himself in his winter wonderland home in Lapland.

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