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Snowmobiling Holidays : Sweden

Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden at the Icehotel

For non-stop fun and new experiences in stunning locations, discover our Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden.

Opt for an adventure break that concentrates on adrenalin-fuelled activities including snowmobiling and husky sledding or discover pure bliss when you choose to stay in the world famous Icehotel. Residing in incredible landscapes, you’ll be free to explore and absorb spectacular views. Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden are an excellent way to search for the glow of the Aurora, so pack your camera and prepare for an unforgettable holiday with the Mighty Fine Company.

Get the adrenalin pumping with our range of snowmobile holidays, or check out our snowmobiling holiday ideas to narrow down the choices!

Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden: the Playground of the Arctic

Many of our activity holidays are based in Lapland where the enticing terrains are punctuated with mountains, lakes and fragrant pine forests. Imagine the thrill of exploring picturesque landscapes astride a powerful snowmobile, stopping to appreciate the scenery and sitting around a campfire planning your next adventure. Lovers of the great outdoors will be pleased to know that although many of our breaks already include a vast array of high-octane adventures, additional excursions are available. Indeed, if fast-paced, action-packed holidays are your thing, you can enjoy skiing and husky safaris as well as Snowmobiling on our Holidays in Sweden.

A Wonderful Winter Wedding

The Icehotel on our Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden

Step into a snow-topped wonderland and celebrate your nuptials in style with one of our winter weddings. If you are a couple who enjoys adventures in the snow, our romantic Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden will fill you with delight.  Exchange vows in the unique setting of an ice chapel which exudes pure romance. Following the ceremony, enjoy a meal at a fantastic restaurant where freshly prepared local cuisine is beautifully presented for you and your guests. After an exciting day, retire to a hotel made entirely of snow and ice and make your way to the beautifully decorated suite where you will spend the night. In the morning, wake to the architectural splendour of your ice suite and, after breakfast, head out into the Lappish wilderness on a fun-filled adventure.

Aurora Safaris

Snowmobiling is not just for the daytime; evenings can be just as much fun when you embark on a quest in search of the Northern Lights. As night time falls, hop on your snowmobile and our experienced guides will escort you to the best Aurora spotting locations. Rushing through snow-packed landscapes, you will have ample opportunity to scour the skies for the breathtaking colours of this spectacular phenomenon.

Short Breaks

Can’t spare a week to go Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden? Take a look at our collection of short breaks and discover holidays for those with less time. One of the fantastic elements of our adventure break selection is the variety of holidays available. We provide getaways for families, couples and lone travellers, with holiday styles to suit everyone.

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Look forward to winter this year and book one of our Snowmobiling Holidays in Sweden. Choose from our enticing collection of breaks online or speak to one of our team and create your ideal adventure holiday.

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