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Specialist Cruises

Discover a different kind of holiday with our Specialist Cruises

Traditional cruise holidays are extremely popular, offering fabulous onboard facilities and big name ports of call. Our Specialist Cruises, however, are just that little bit different. Whereas traditional cruises are as much about the ship as the destinations you visit, our Specialist Cruises consider the vessel very much secondary to the ports of call, the sights and the experiences on offer during your break.

Naturally, all of our vessels offer high levels of comfort and service but the emphasis here is on where you go to and what you do. This isn’t cruising for cruising’s sake, it is cruising with a very specific purpose.

Cruises for Everyone

The Mighty Fine Company Specialist Cruises selection offers holiday durations to suit all tastes. From five day taster itineraries to 21 day extravaganzas, you can choose a break and location to suit your requirements and budget.

Cruising - Norwegian Style

Our Norwegian cruise itineraries take you to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places imaginable. Many big name cruise companies offer fjord cruises but, due to the nature of the ships, these vessels do not sail north of Tromso. If you want to round the North Cape, therefore, Specialist Cruises are the ones for you. Setting sail in purpose built ships, you’ll be taken to a host of destinations, discovering scenic beauty, local culture, traditions and fabulous wildlife. By night you’ll scour the skies for the elusive Northern Lights and, on many cruises, there are talks and lectures to offer tips on Aurora hunting and Northern Lights photography.

Adventures in Antarctica

See amazing natural wonders on our Specialist Cruises

Similarly, our Specialist Cruises to Antarctica offer a simply amazing cruise experience.

Setting sail from the world’s northernmost capital, Ushuaia, these extensive itineraries offer a fabulous insight into life in the Antarctic. You’ll follow in the footsteps of the great explorers, view stunning ice formations, encounter thrilling wildlife and enjoy sheer peace and tranquillity.

Our Specialist Cruises in Antarctica really do offer the experience of a lifetime.

Baltic Discovery

For something a little closer to home, we also offer Specialist Cruises exploring Baltic capitals. These six and seven day itineraries introduce you to the historic delights of the likes of Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn. There’s ample time to explore each and every destination as well as time at sea to sit back and relax. You’ll adore the fascinating heritage, charming architecture and fabulous culture on offer on these magnificent voyages.

Finland: Baltic Capitals Specialist Cruise

Discover the Belles of the Baltic Cruise and explore the breathtaking capitals of the region

Year round, six day cruise taking in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. Discover three different European cities on this Baltic Cruise of discovery which is available throughout the year. The cities of the Baltic are very different to their other...

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Our Specialist Cruises selection is very much focused on the whole holiday experience. So whether you want to see the penguins of Antarctica, discover the Aurora in Norway or explore the fabulous capitals of the Baltic, take a look at our itineraries, speak to our friendly travel team and plan a holiday you will remember for the rest of your life. Bon voyage!

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