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"The Express Route" as the Norwegian word Hurtigruta translates to English, also refers now to a passenger and freight line, with well over 100 years trading history. An incredible achievement by the Norwegian people who are incredibly proud of this company. Hurtigruten has, since the first ship sailed, acted as an arterial communication and supply line for the people of Northern Norway.

Incredible Adventures

Taking visitors to some of the most incredible destinations on Earth, Hurtigruten ships vary from classic ships to 21st century cruise liners. For over a century, the Hurtigruten ships have sailed through fjords and across Norwegian waters dominated by icebergs. Beautifully designed to suit the needs of the modern traveller, the Hurtigruten fleet has evolved from a passenger and freight line to the elegant floating accommodation it offers today. When travelling with Hurtigruten you will spend your days enveloped in a world of epic scenery, from landscapes of green forests, to mountain vistas topped with snow. Sailing through vast regions of unspoilt wilderness, Hurtigruten offers the perfect vessels to take you on a voyage to discover the Northern Lights. These renowned curtains of colour are known to appear in the inky blackness of night over the Arctic regions, cascading in mesmerising hues of blues, reds and green.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Hurtigruten's Norwegian coastal cruises not only offer sublime holidays in spectacular destinations, but also provide the opportunity to experience an adventure filled vacation like no other. Experience a close encounter with whales, seals and arctic foxes on the Hurtigruten Spitsbergen cruise and search for the polar bears that can sometimes be seen roaming freely amongst the glaciers and rugged snow-topped terrains. One of the benefits of exploring such places as these with Hurtigruten is that many of the tours include on-board lectures telling of the intriguing history, culture and wildlife of each destination you visit. The knowledge that you will accrue during a Hurtigruten voyage will add to the exciting tours and excursions you experience on land.

Travel in Comfort

Whilst staying on board a Hurtigruten ship, you will enjoy an array of facilities, all designed to make each moment of your journey a pleasurable one. During Hurtigruten voyages to look for the Northern Lights, guests can relax in the panoramic lounge and watch the night sky in anticipation, protected from the cold climate. Each ship from the Hurtigruten fleet also boasts a bar and restaurant, which serves fresh, seasonal local cuisine. As you pass by each wonderful destination, stand on the observation deck and see each destination from a unique coastal viewpoint.

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