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Spitsbergen : Northern Lights

Are you looking for the ultimate Aurora experience? Begin your adventures in Spitsbergen on a Northern Lights break that will take your breath away. This attractive region is situated among the Norwegian Svalbard islands and due to its extreme northerly location, is ideally placed for the appearance of the Aurora Borealis. Other highlights of Spitsbergen holidays include the chance to visit the habitats of polar bears and other Arctic animals and exciting activities such as snowmobiling and husky safaris. If you adore the wilderness and are always looking for the next big thrill, an Aurora escape is the perfect holiday for you.

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Be Inspired : Spitsbergen Northern Lights

Spitsbergen: Northern Lights and Wildlife Watching

Many of our breaks in the Arctic allow you to get closer than ever before to the wildlife of the Arctic. We want you to see as much of the region as possible and grasp the opportunity to capture the breathtaking scenery on camera. Take advantage of the knowledgeable guides that escort you during your adventures and discover how best to photograph the Aurora as it spins its sheets of colour across the skies.

The History of Spitsbergen and the Northern Lights

All Arctic regions have their own historic tale regarding the origins of the Aurora Borealis, each as wonderful as the next. Norway’s inhabitants believed that the lights were reflections of deceased maidens, dancing in the night. In ancient times their appearance would cause alarm, with parents rushing children indoors away from the unknown force causing the apparitions. It was in Norway that the true origins of the lights were essentially proven, with 19th century scientist, Kristian Birkeland insisting that solar particles charged by the earth’s magnetic field caused the Aurora Borealis. However, it would be some six decades later that his work would be granted the recognition it deserved. Due to Norway's scientific interest and expertise with regards to the Northern Lights, it is considered one of the best places in the world to see them.

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