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Spitsbergen : Northern Lights Holidays

See the Aurora over the Trapper's Lodge in the Arctic on Spitsbergen Northern Lights Holidays

If you want a real taste of the Arctic, our Spitsbergen Northern Lights Holidays are simply unbeatable. Discover the sheer magic of this part of the world as you snowmobile and dog sled through stunning landscapes, taking in magnificent wildlife by day and hunting the mystical Aurora by night.

Our Spitsbergen Northern Lights Holidays get you up close and personal to life in the far north. This is an area which, due to its location, can offer amazing views of the Northern Lights as they flicker and dance across the night sky. Keep your eyes on the skies and your camera close to hand for the ultimate Aurora experience.

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  • Norway: Spitsbergen and Norwegian Coastal Voyage

    Join our Spitsbergen Norway Cruise for a journey brimming with nature and history

    Eight day holiday, featuring three amazing days in the Arctic wilderness of Spitsbergen, (which lies at 71 degrees north) and five exciting days cruising from Tromso to Bergen. Begin your Spitsbergen Norway Cruise in Spitsbergen's administrative...

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