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A fascinating destination amongst the most spectacular of landscapes, Abisko offers incredible terrains that are perfect for an array of outdoor activities.

The area of Abisko is Sweden's driest location with the least rainfall, and as such boasts a most unique environment, far removed from many of the surrounding landscapes. Situated in the Lapland region of Sweden, Abisko invites you to explore the snow-capped mountains, hike through its incredible pristine vistas and embark on a once in a lifetime adventure in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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The Mountain Station

Abisko Mountain Station is a cosy, turn-of-the-century lodge, enveloped in captivating scenery. It is in a location renowned for sightings of the mesmerising hues of the Aurora Borealis. This phenomenon is most likely to be seen during the winter months in Abisko when the clear night skies are offset by the pure white landscapes.

Abisko offers the most unique of winter holidays in a dramatic alpine location. This is a village with a beauty that is accentuated by crisp, mountain air and distinct seasons. Whether you experience the delight of the Abisko summer and the Midnight Sun or the epic blue skies of the dark winter months, Abikso is a place you will never forget.

Holidays in Abisko

There are several tours and excursions available when staying in the vicinity of Abisko, each one as exciting as the next. One of the most incredible attractions in the region is the Abisko National Park with its 77km of sprawling greenery, bordered by an imposing mountain landscape. Stretching from the River Torne, the Abisko National Park presents a multitude of photo opportunities with its alpine backdrop and abundance of indigenous wildlife. Besides the allure of Abisko National Park, there is the opportunity to try to capture a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights at the Abisko Aurora Sky Station. Here you can take the chair lift to the purpose-built platform and be enthralled by the informative talks about how observations of the Northern Lights are recorded using cameras and radio signals.

Abisko is one of the most prominent locations for sighting the Northern Lights and to add to the exquisite nature of the experience, you can also dine here, enjoying Nordic cuisine under the Abisko night skies.

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