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Arctic Flavours

Travelling and exotic foods so often go hand in hand and by taking an Arctic Flavours holiday you will enjoy new culinary experiences at each and every destination you visit. There are many different ways in which you can savour the flavours of the Arctic and here you will discover some of the most exciting and unique food-focused tours available at this time.

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Catch of the Day and Culinary Courses

A tour such as the Arctic Flavours with the Nordic Gourmets is an excellent way to combine culture, history and authentic Finnish cooking. You can choose from a selection of activities and experiences, including fishing, cookery classes and the opportunity to dine with the locals, who will gladly impart their vast knowledge of the area as you feast on traditional fish dishes and berry pie. Holidays that let you savour Arctic flavours are ideal for those wishing to experience extraordinary dishes that contain ingredients from local sources. Fish, although a prominent presence on any Arctic menu, is not the only indigenous animal to feature. Sample dried moose heart and reindeer racks accompanied by ripe colourful berries prepared to provide delicious accompaniments. Enjoy succulent lingonberries, bilberries and cloudberries in drinks, puddings and savoury dishes.

A Taste of Luxury Living

For a truly original holiday that not only offers magnificent meals in remarkable locations, but also provides a sensational choice of accommodation, look no further than the Design Hotels of Sweden and Gastro Tour. During this Arctic flavours experience you will visit four of the world’s most ingenious and quirky hotels, including Harads Treehotel, accommodation that looks like a UFO and another that looks like a giant bird’s nest. They really do need to be seen to be believed. Then there is the world-famous ICEHOTEL®, which is a magnificent piece of art built from snow and ice each year. On this Arctic flavours tour you will also have the opportunity to stay in the floating hotel, the Salt & Sill, which has acquired many awards for its outstanding cuisine.

Each intricate detail of a meal is locally sourced, from the main ingredient, such as meat, fish or vegetables, to the herbs that provide additional flavour to the dish. Dandelion, rosebay willowherb and raspberry leaves are used to infuse drinks, dress salads and season stews and soups. Throughout this particular tour you will experience traditional, as well as innovative contemporary cuisine at each place you visit.

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