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Swedish Holiday Ideas

Discover Lackoslott, one of Sweden's most stunning locations

Discover a destination that perfectly blends modern, vibrant culture with breathtaking, unspoilt wilderness. Our Swedish holiday ideas introduce you to the best Sweden has to offer, from exhilarating activities in the winter snow, to nights spent in truly unique accommodation and so much more! Host to both the Northern Lights in winter and Midnight Sun in summer, Sweden offers something different all year round. Tour the bustling city centres, tasting local foods, exploring the museums and soaking up the arts and culture of these fascinating destinations as you enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you prefer, swap the crowds for peace and tranquillity on a break in the countryside with ample time for exploration and relaxation.

Look through our Swedish holiday ideas and get a fascinating insight into what’s on offer in this stunning destination. Check out our selection of Swedish adventures and choose from a range of holiday types, with year round departure options, to find your ideal tour.

Winter Activities and Northern Lights

Search the Aurora from the Abisko Sky Station with our Swedish holiday ideas

With 15% of the country lying above the Arctic Circle, it comes as no surprise that Sweden is famed for its winter activities and Northern Lights hunting opportunities. Our Swedish holiday ideas include plenty of suggestions to give you a taste of these exhilarating pursuits, with action-packed itineraries introducing you to dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer sleigh rides and even ice sculpting. These breaks take you out into the wilderness and offer a unique insight into this fascinating country.

Of course, travelling in winter not only gives you the chance to experience a wide range of activities; it comes hand-in-hand with the exceptional Aurora viewing opportunities that draw so many to Sweden. When you choose a winter activity and Northern Lights break, you can spend your days sampling the most interesting and exciting pursuits the Arctic has to offer, and your nights searching for the Aurora on guided hunts.

Sweden: Ice Hotel Lapland Adventure

Opt for the Icehotel Lapland for a luxury stay in a hotel made from ice and snow

An activity-led, short break at the Icehotel, complete with a night in your very own snow room. Discover our Icehotel Lapland adventure breaks in the awe-inspiring landscape of Sweden. The world's largest Icehotel is rebuilt, entirely from snow...

4 Days From £1734

Sweden: Icehotel and Abisko Short Break

With this Icehotel and Abisko break you can experience Sweden like never before

An action-packed short break, combining a night at the Icehotel and two nights of Northern Lights hunts, including an evening visit to the Abisko Aurora Sky Station, one of the world’s best Northern Lights locations. Each winter, the wonderful...

4 Days From £1256

Sweden: Harads Treehotel Winter Activity Week

Visit the Treehotel Sweden in Winter and enjoy snowy activities galore

Seven day, winter wilderness break, set in the heart of Swedish Lapland and featuring a night in a stunningly themed treehouse, each one innovatively designed by some of Scandinavia’s foremost architects. Escape to the wilderness of Swedish...

The Icehotel

The Icehotel's Ice Bar, discover it first hand with our Swedish holiday ideas

The original in cool accommodation and the largest of its kind, Sweden’s Icehotel is a highlight of our Swedish holiday ideas. Visits to this iconic structure not only give you the chance to spend a night in an otherworldly snow room, with the opportunity to upgrade to a stunning Art, Northern Lights or Deluxe Suite, they also offer access to a wide range of optional activities. Choose from traditional pursuits like dog sledding and reindeer sleigh rides or, challenge yourself to an incredible ice driving excursion and experience the ultimate in Swedish thrills. Tailor-make your tour as you decide how you’ll spend your days at the Icehotel, ensuring you enjoy your perfect Swedish break, exactly how you want it. At night, take advantage of the exceptional Northern Lights viewing opportunities provided by the Icehotel’s Arctic location. Enjoy guided Aurora searches or, if you’re lucky, just pop outside and look skywards!

Combine an Icehotel break with other Swedish highlights and experience two breaks in one! Add some time in cultural Stockholm and enjoy the vibrancy of a modern city alongside the stunning wilderness of Swedish Lapland. Often called the ‘Venice of the North’, thanks to its 14 islands and 57 bridges, this capital is one of Europe’s cultural highlights. Visit the city’s many museums, galleries, architectural gems and, of course, the famous old town: Gamla Stan!

Looking to improve your already impressive chances of seeing the Northern Lights? Add a visit to Abisko and look out for incredible Northern Lights displays on a guided hunt in the National Park and from the Aurora Sky Station, both renowned locations for Aurora sightings. Situated under the clearest skies in Sweden, this station offers unrivalled views of the Lights as the environment makes for little to no cloud cover.

If you’re in the mood for romance, you can even choose to get married at the Icehotel, celebrating your big day in the stunning Ice Chapel. Swedish holiday ideas don’t come much bigger than an unforgettable winter wedding, in one of the world’s most beautiful regions.

Sweden: Stockholm and the ICEHOTEL

Stockholm and the Icehotel - the perfect blend of city chic and cool accommodation

An unforgettable, five day break, combining the culture of Stockholm with the Arctic charm of the Icehotel. This amazing short break is ideal for those travellers who want the best of both worlds. Combine the beautiful and vibrant city of...

5 Days From £1168

Sweden: Icehotel and Abisko Short Break

With this Icehotel and Abisko break you can experience Sweden like never before

An action-packed short break, combining a night at the Icehotel and two nights of Northern Lights hunts, including an evening visit to the Abisko Aurora Sky Station, one of the world’s best Northern Lights locations. Each winter, the wonderful...

4 Days From £1256

Sweden: Ice Hotel Sweden

Choose the Icehotel Sweden for a truly magical break

Flexible, winter short break, featuring three nights in the world famous Icehotel resort, with one night in your own room in the Icehotel. Re-designed every year, the Icehotel in Sweden is a truly unique place to stay. Home to range of carefully...

4 Days From £1028

Other Unique and Unusual Accommodation

Relax in the unique Mirror Cube at the Harads Treehotel, a favourite from our Swedish holiday ideas

Sweden is renowned for its innovative design, cutting edge architecture and quirky style and nowhere are these traits more evident than in our featured selection of unique accommodation. Step away from the ordinary and discover a holiday like no other with underwater escapes, tree-top retreats and seemingly submerged accommodation!

Available year round, holidays in our unique accommodation are perfect for couples (and, in some cases, families) with intriguingly designed, secluded bases in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Design your own break with an incredible selection of optional activities, including river rafting and culture tours in summer or dog sledding and Northern Lights safaris in winter. Spend your break in a northerly base and enjoy lovely, long days under the Midnight Sun or travel in winter and spend evenings searching for the Northern Lights.

Sweden: Harads Treehotel

Let Treehotel Sweden Holidays introduce you to magical accommodation and amazing nature

Sensational, year round, four day, short break featuring three nights in a stunningly themed treehouse of your choice, each one innovatively designed by some of Scandinavia’s foremost architects. Choose a short break at the Treehotel in Sweden and...

Choose One or Enjoy All Three

Discover the beautiful town of Vasteras in Sweden when you choose to stay at one of more of Michael Gullenburg’s innovative holiday retreats. Blending art, sculpture and architecture flawlessly, these stunning bases take you to the shores (and below the surface) of Lake Malaren for a short break you’ll never forget! Combine all three artistic escapes into one truly unique tour of some of Sweden’s most amazing accommodation.

Sweden: Utter Inn Hotel in Sweden

Travel to the Utter Inn in Sweden for the chance to sleep with the fishes

Wonderfully unusual, three day break in Vasteras, featuring a night sleeping three metres below the surface of Lake Malaren at the Utter Inn. Possibly one of the most unusual hotels in the world, the Utter Inn in Sweden is a single-roomed...

Sweden: Oops Hotel in Sweden

For Unique Accommodation in Sweden, look no further than the Oops Hotel

An unforgettable short break in Vasteras, featuring one night in the semi-submerged Oops Hotel, the only accommodation of its kind. At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that this house had sunk into the lake, however, this is...

Wildlife and Wilderness

Track wolves in Sweden on an incredible wildlife break

Roughly 85% of Sweden’s population live in urban areas, meaning that the breathtaking wilderness here is practically untouched! Sweden’s landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for family, couples’ and group holidays. From the pristine, snow-covered winter vistas to the verdant countryside of summer, Sweden is a nature lover’s paradise. Our Swedish holiday ideas include a wilderness break with a stay at some of our unique accommodation - a treehouse way above the forest floor. Your daytimes, on this break, are spent exploring your breathtaking surroundings, ensuring the ultimate wilderness experience.

While the majority of Swedes live in towns and cities, you certainly won’t have the countryside to yourself! A wide range of wildlife inhabits the wilderness and, with our Swedish holiday ideas, you can enjoy a host of animal encounters of your own! Learn the secrets of wolf tracking and spend a night in the forest, listening for their howls or enjoy an optional bear watching excursion in search of these magnificent creatures.

Sweden: Howling with Wolves

Adventure awaits on our Wolf Tracking Holiday in Sweden

Fascinating, wildlife-focused, short break in the magnificent Bergsdalen Forest, featuring an overnight wolf-tracking expedition. Venture into the Swedish wilderness on this incredible Wolf Tracking Holiday. Learn the skills of forest tracking and...

Sweden: Harads Treehotel Summer Activity Week

Visit the Treehotel Sweden in Summer and discover amazing natural beauty

Exhilarating, week long, summer break, featuring a night in a stunningly themed treehouse of your choice, each one innovatively designed by some of Scandinavia’s foremost architects. Visit the breathtaking Treehotel in Sweden in Summer and escape...


One of our vintage, three-deck passenger ships on the Gota Canal

When it comes to cruising, our Swedish holiday ideas feature cross-country canal adventures and multi-centre getaways. Soak up the culture of Sweden on a leisurely voyage along the Gota Canal, taking in a range of historical highlights on an unforgettable journey on this famous waterway. Cruise aboard historic, three-storey passenger ships, some dating back over 100 years and lovingly restored to reflect their old world heritage. Enjoy silver service meals in a brass and mahogany dining room and make the most of your time on these luxury canal cruises. Enjoy a taste of Sweden’s two main cities - with a day in both Stockholm and Gothenburg - for an unforgettable insight into the culture of this fascinating country.

If an international adventure is more your thing, our Baltic cruises are the perfect choice. Take in the cultural delights of Stockholm, alongside comprehensive tours of Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn on an incredible tour of the Baltic capitals. Delve into the entirely different cultures found on this multi-national cruise for a fascinating cultural discovery tour.

Whichever cruise option you choose, you’re assured an unforgettable voyage of discovery, whether that’s an in-depth exploration of Swedish culture and history, or the chance to delve into a selection of fascinating destinations.

Sweden: Gota Canal Cruise

Embark on a Gota Canal Cruise and discover stunning scenery and pure relaxation

A tranquil, eight day holiday, featuring a six day cruise along the Gota Canal, packed with cultural discoveries. Discover Sweden’s exquisite scenery, charming architecture and fascinating attractions on this unforgettable six day Gota Canal...

Sweden: Stockholm to Gothenburg Cruise

Sail from Stockholm to Gothenburg on this fascinating cruise

A memorable, five night, Gota Canal cruise from Stockholm to Gothenburg. The Göta Canal connects several rivers and lakes to create an idyllic route between two of Sweden’s greatest cities: Stockholm and Gothenburg. The canal is one of the most...

Finland: Baltic Capitals Specialist Cruise

Discover the Belles of the Baltic Cruise and explore the breathtaking capitals of the region

Year round, six day cruise taking in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. Discover three different European cities on this Baltic Cruise of discovery which is available throughout the year. The cities of the Baltic are very different to their other...

And There's More

The Ericson Hills, another stunning Swedish destination

To find your perfect break in Sweden, just take a look at our detailed itineraries. However, if you don’t see the holiday that’s just right for you, our travel advisers are more than happy to tailor any of our tours, or create one from scratch so you can enjoy the perfect getaway. Maybe you’d like to head from Stockholm to the Arctic on a cross-country train journey, or venture to Norway for a sight of the fjords, or even visit the Icehotel in summer storage, we’re happy to make it happen. Whether you’re looking to change activities, experience something entirely new or add some time in unique accommodation to your adventure, our team is here to help. Call us today on 0333 800 2033!

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