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Sweden : Husky Safari

What could be more magical than flying through the beautiful Swedish countryside pulled by a fabulous team of huskies? Our Sweden Husky Safari holidays give you a real appreciation of life in this beautiful country. You’ll be thrilled by the speed and enthusiasm of these marvellous creatures, delighted by their wonderfully joyful approach to life and in awe of the stunning countryside you encounter on your safari.

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The Joy of Husky Sledding

Nothing can prepare you for your first experience of dog sledding on our Sweden Husky Safari breaks. For starters you’ll be enchanted by the playfulness of the beautiful Siberian Huskies and Malamutes. These big, cuddly, teddy bear dogs simply love life and their enthusiasm is infectious. Pulling a sled isn’t a ‘job’ for them, it’s what they were born for, what they love to do, it’s their whole focus in life.

As soon as you meet the huskies you’ll discover they are very keen to get you on your way. Before you can join them, however, you will need a full briefing from your expert musher. He will tell you about driving, turning and, most importantly of all: stopping! These dogs like to be on the move, they love flying over frozen lakes and through coniferous forests, so you will have to let them know when it’s time for a break or they will keep going forever!

As the time comes to set off on your journey, the barking will die down as the animals start to focus on the job in hand. Working as a team, they will guide you through unfeasibly picturesque landscapes, allowing you to take in some truly wonderful sights. You’ll be simply brimming with happiness as you discover the joy of being at one with nature. With the ice cold breeze on your face and the knowledge that you are in control, our Sweden Husky Safari holidays offer experiences you will treasure forever.

And the Fun Continues

Dog sledding is just one element of the fun to be had in Sweden on Husky Safari holidays. These dog sledding excursions are often just half a day in length so there are many other attractions to enjoy during your time in this wonderful country. Pre-planned itineraries featuring dog sledding often also include snowmobiling excursions and reindeer sleigh rides. Other tours give you the opportunity to choose your activities from a wide range of options. Artistic types will love trying their hand at ice sculpture, practical types will enjoy building their own igloo and active travellers will be thrilled by the thought of Skijoring where you put on your skis and are pulled along by a horse!

Amazing Accommodation

Our Sweden Husky Safariholidays see you staying in some simply amazing accommodation. Perhaps you fancy a night in a UFO or a Bird’s Nest? It may seem a little hard to believe but the Harads Treehotel makes all of this perfectly possible with its stunning range of quirky treetop abodes.

And if you’re looking for something a little more ‘authentic’ in these chilly surroundings, how about an overnight stay at the famous Swedish Icehotel? This amazing construction offers astounding accommodation and an experience you’ll remember forever.

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