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Sweden : Icehotel

The Sweden Icehotel is the world’s largest and most famous snow and ice hotel. Situated 125km north of the Arctic Circle, the hotel has been built afresh each winter for over 20 years now and is a truly amazing sight to behold.

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Amazing Interiors

The creators of the Sweden Icehotel are world leaders in snow sculpture and this, along with the use of mood lighting in the hotel, makes for some unforgettable artworks. A highlight of the hotel is the iconic Icebar where travellers from all parts of the world meet up to enjoy a nightcap from a glass made of ice, before retiring to their snow room for the night.

Stay Warm in the Cold

An overnight stay at the Sweden Icehotel is a lot more comfortable than most people would expect. Whilst outside the temperature can be a bone chilling -37 degrees, the rooms are a constant -5 to -8 and, thanks to reindeer hides and thermal sleeping bags, you’re sure to be surprised at just how warm and cosy you will be.

Great Activities

We have a host of different breaks on offer at the Sweden Icehotel, depending on what you want from your getaway. Our inclusive activity holidays feature husky sledding, snowmobiling and Sami culture expeditions, ensuring that you enjoy a really authentic experience of this part of the world.

Some breaks put you in the driving seat, enabling you to pick and choose your excursions. There’s a whole range of great activities to make your selection from, ranging from ice driving to cross country skiing, moose safaris and, of course, the obligatory Northern Lights safaris.

Twice the Fun

If you want that little bit more from your holiday, you can combine your Sweden Icehotel stay with a second location. Lovers of city chic may find Stockholm the perfect partner for their break. Anyone with a passion for the Northern Lights, however, should opt for a break featuring Abisko. This fabulous destination boasts no light pollution, little cloud cover and the most amazing Sky Station, offering visitors from all over the world the best possible chance of seeing the Aurora.

Summer on Ice

When it comes to ice and snow hotels, we tend to think of winter but, thanks to the marvels of modern engineering, you can now visit the Sweden Icehotel in summer.

So great was the demand for the winter hotel that, a few years ago, the team decided to build a mini version of the Icehotel inside the temperature controlled Icehotel Art Centre. So now, when you are not sleeping in a stylish ice art suite, you can be out enjoying all of the magnificent things that summer in Sweden has to offer. Try rafting or stand up paddling on the Torne River, opt for a boat ride or perhaps a spot of fishing or cycling. However you spend your time, you’re sure to have a ball!

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