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Tall Ships

Discover the romance of the high seas with our Tall Ships getaways

Take a journey into the past with one of our Tall Ships voyages. These majestic vessels revitalise old world sailing with an abundance of style and luxury.

Our summer itineraries transport you to some of the most iconic destinations of the Caribbean and Mediterranean in unrivalled comfort, offering the perfect way to explore. So why not enjoy the sun in style onboard these fabulous Tall Ships?

If you're ready to embark on your luxury sailing adventure, just take a look at our selection of Tall Ship Cruises, or, if you could do with a little extra guidance, check out our Tall Ship Holiday Ideas and let us help you find the voyage of a lifetime!

The Ultimate in Luxury

The Royal Clipper and Star Clipper make up our featured selection of Tall Ships, with the Royal Clipper standing out as pride of the fleet. Boasting 1760 square metres of open deck and three open air swimming pools, the Royal Clipper provides guests with the perfect setting in which to unwind in the sun. And for an unforgettable view of the shoreline, you can climb into one of the ship's amazing crow’s nests - but don't forget to take your camera with you! The interior of the ship is as elegant as its exterior, featuring a luxury dining room, three-deck atrium and the unique Captain Nemo Lounge with spa, health club and underwater portholes which offer an amazing view of the creatures of the deep.

Unforgettable Destinations

Scenic beauty abound when you journey on our Tall Ships

Our featured Tall Ships offer cruises that perfectly blend tourist highlights with untouched locations, giving you the dream cruise experience with unique destinations. Disembark on the Mediterranean islands of Ponzo and Palmarola. These idyllic islands are almost uninhabited and are scarcely touched by tourism. Explore and find your own private beach for the day or take a dip in the beautiful, transparent water. In Greece you'll visit Katakolon; the Gateway to Olympia. Take a tour to the historic ruins and explore the ancient temples of Zeus and Hera, as well as the first Olympic Stadium.

Sailing aboard Tall Ships in the Caribbean allows you to discover the paradise of the Grenadine and Windward Islands. Explore these beautiful destinations on foot when you leave the ship to take in the breathtaking views of the islands, or find a quiet spot on the beach, soak up the sun and simply relax. You can also head into the local towns to experience traditions and culture first hand as well as stopping off to sample local cuisine or enjoy a spot of shopping.

Unparalleled Scenery

The views from the decks of our featured Tall Ships are truly awe-inspiring. The glistening waves reflecting the sun overhead, against a dream-like backdrop of islands is a sight that will never be forgotten. Sit back and enjoy the luxury as you take in magnificent panoramas from the deck.

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Set sail on one of our featured Tall Ships and experience luxury, comfort and idyllic discovery like never before. Browse our full cruise selection or speak to one of our experienced travel advisers.

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