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Unique Hotels

Discover our selection of Unique Hotels

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do things a little differently, our selection of Unique Hotels could be right up your street.

You see, when you holiday in Scandinavia, innovation comes at standard and that means there’s the opportunity to stay in some truly Unique Hotels in some really amazing destinations.

Take a look at our full range of breaks and select the perfect one for you.

Flying High in Harads

Take, for example, the UFO. One of the fabulous accommodation options on offer at the Harads Treehotel in Sweden, this amazing flying saucer-like construction is suspended in the trees, offering fabulous views of the surrounding countryside. Ideal for families in search of adventure, it is just one of a range of accommodation options at Harads. Alternatives include the lofty Bird’s Nest, the disappearing Mirror Cube and the rather inappropriately named Blue Cone (it is actually bright red and somewhat less than cone-shaped!).

Sleeping with the Fishes

The Utter Inn Hotel - one of our Unique Hotels

But life in the trees isn’t the only off-beat option in our Unique Hotels – far from it. The Utter Inn Hotel, for example, offers you the chance to sleep with the fishes – quite literally!

Rowing out across Lake Mälaren to what looks like a very traditional red-timbered hut on a floating platform, you soon realise that things are not quite what they seem. From the platform you climb down a ladder to the underwater bedroom which comes complete with panoramic views of the creatures of the deep.

Catch of the Day

Maybe, when choosing from our range of Unique Hotels, you are more interested in catching fish than watching them. In that case, The Rica Svolvaer in Lofoten is an ideal choice. Partly built on a wharf, the hotel offers the unusual benefit of enabling guests, in certain rooms, to fish through a (usually covered) hole in the floor. So, when the fancy takes you, simply open the hatch and lower your rod!

Romance Under the Stars

And if romance is in the air when you are browsing our Unique Hotels, the Kakslauttanean Igloo Village in Finland proves you don’t have to be in the gutter to be looking up at the stars. This place boasts the most amazing heated glass igloos, enabling you to cuddle up in bed and enjoy stunning views of the night sky. Alternatively, for something a little more hard core, you can actually stay overnight in an authentic ice igloo – but don’t forget your thermals!

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