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Unique Hotels : Norway

Enjoy a night in the Snow Hotel with Unique Hotels in Norway

Our Unique Hotels in Norway can turn a great holiday into a truly sensational getaway. These fabulous holiday bases add an extra special touch to our itineraries, ensuring that your hotel is every bit as special as the experiences you have and the activities you try in this beautiful part of the world.

Unique Hotels in Norway can mean only one thing : snow. Our featured holiday bases are built of the glorious white stuff and, as well as spending time exploring these hotels, you’ll even have the chance to stay the night in one of the ice rooms and get an authentic insight into life in the Arctic.

Snow Need to be Cold!

People who are nervous about sleeping in an ice and snow hotel, tend to be put off by the fear of being cold. Surprisingly, however, snow is actually a very insulating material and thus a very good option for construction in the far north. If we look to nature, for example, we find that the Ptarmigan makes snow caves to keep warm and the resident huskies are often seen as they ‘snow down’ into the white stuff to protect themselves from the elements.

It’s All in the Build

When it comes to the construction of our Unique Hotels Norway, preparation begins in December. The ice in the lakes at this time can be about 20cm thick and, growing at a rate of around 2cm each day, peaks at a depth of some 70cm. It usually takes a week or so to cut the necessary ice blocks from the river by chainsaw and then the blocks are dragged into position by snowmobile.

In the case of the Kirkenes Snow Hotel, the actual guest rooms are constructed in a particularly charming manner. A huge balloon is inflated, snow is packed around it and then, when the balloon is deflated and removed, what remains is the perfect circular boudoir. How amazing is that?

The Alta Igloo Hotel

Relax for a drink in Sorrisniva's Ice Bar with Unique Hotels in Norway

The world’s most northerly Ice and Snow Hotel, the Alta is a beautiful place to stay. Set on the banks of the pretty Alta River in a pretty wilderness setting, the hotel has been built afresh each winter around 15 times.

The temperature within the hotel remains at a comparatively toasty -4 to -7 and, with the addition of reindeer hides and thermal sleeping bags, you’ll be delighted – and no doubt a little surprised – by just how cosy you’ll be here during your stay.

The Kirkeness Snow Hotel

Our Unique Hotels Norway also feature the Kirkenes Show Hotel. Established in 2006 and featuring art created by expert sculptors from the Chinese City of Harbin, the hotel has 20 different suites, each with its own theme inspired by natural or cultural elements.

Unlike other snow hotels, Kirkenes has real beds in its rooms to ensure the ultimate in overnight comfort. None of the visual magic of the place is lost, however, as the beds are surrounded by blocks of ice. And with thermal sleeping bags graded for temperatures of up to -35 degrees, the interior temperature of -4 will seem positively toasty!

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