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Unique Hotels : Scandinavia

Northern Europe boasts some simply amazing holiday bases, whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, unadulterated pampering or a quirky place to rest your head with a real sense of fun. This is an area of the world where design innovation is obligatory so, whatever the time of year and whatever your tastes and preferences, you’re sure to find our Unique Hotels in Scandinavia simply irresistible.

The Capital of Cool

If you’re looking for a chilled option amongst our Unique Hotels in Scandinavia, why not spend a night in a snow hotel? This area boasts some of the world’s best and most famous snow hotels and each one comes with its own unique sense of style and design. Built afresh each year as the winter snows fall, these amazing constructions feature fabulous ice sculptures, amazing ice bars and stunning ice rooms. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised by just how warm you’ll be in your room too – thanks, of course, to some pretty impressive thermal sleeping bags and a selection of reindeer skins.

Did you know that you can also experience the Swedish Icehotel in summer? Due to the popularity of the winter version, designers have built a mini summer Icehotel inside a temperature-controlled arts centre meaning that you can enjoy the extended daylight of the midnight sun outdoors before returning to a winter wonderland in the evening, the ultimate in Unique Hotels in Scandinavia!

Top of the Class

Reach for the stars in our Unique Hotels in Scandinavia with the Harads treetop selection in Sweden. A selection of individually designed suites, Harads gives you the chance to sleep in a UFO, snuggle down in a giant bird’s nest or disappear into the forest in a stunning mirror cube. Available year round, this amazing accommodation is well worth a look and will go down a storm with younger members of the family.

Another popular treetop option among our Unique Hotels in Scandinavia in Sweden is the Hackspett – a beautifully compact treehouse in the middle of a pretty park. Everything you need is here – including your meals delivered direct to your door by pulley system!

Cast Adrift?

If you like the wet stuff, our Unique Hotels in Scandinavia offer a selection of holidays to suit. The Oops Hotel, for example, looks like it is sinking into a lake. This cleverly designed suite is, however, entirely above the waterline and just designed to look like it is disappearing!

Should you want to meet the creatures of the deep, however, opt for the Utter Hotel. Like the Oops, the Utter is set in the middle of the lake but this time there is a sub-aqua floor, complete with windows. Stay here and, as you fall asleep, you can look out for the creatures of the deep on these breaks to Unique Hotels in Scandinavia!

Glass Ceiling

Our Unique Hotels in Scandinavia also have plenty to offer those with a passion for the Aurora. As well as various Northern Lights hunts which are available from our snow hotels, you can opt to stay at the Igloo Village and sleep overnight in a heated glass igloo, enabling you to scour the skies for the Aurora from the comfort of your bed. Now that’s what we call star gazing!

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