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Kakslauttanen Weddings

Combine your special day with the honeymoon of a lifetime in the captivating landscape of Finnish Lapland. Exchange vows in the intimacy of a romantic wooden chapel or a glass teepee, and add extraordinary touches like arriving at your chosen venue in a reindeer pulled sleigh. Kakslauttanen Weddings are an unforgettable way to commit to your loved one and to make the day as special as it can possibly be, the understanding travel advisors at the Mighty Fine Company are here to help you organise your marriage. Fill your journey with exhilarating excursions and unique accommodation, creating the perfect wedding ceremony and honeymoon in the midst of a romantic winter wonderland. During Kakslauttanen Weddings, the ceremony itself can be conducted in either the English or Finnish language and interpretations are available. If you have your heart set on any specific songs to be played or certain readings to be shared, you can give them to your Kakslauttanen Weddings co-ordinator on your arrival at the hotel.

Following the Kakslauttanen Weddings Service

After the ceremony you and the guests can enjoy a four course dinner served in a decorated area of the main restaurant. Our travel advisors can also arrange for a cocktail reception in a glass tepee, where the wedding party can admire the sights of the Arctic as they toast the happy pair. At the end of the day’s magical events you and your significant other can retire to the comfort of the Honeymoon Turf Chamber, where you can relax and indulge in its superb facilities. This traditional log cabin used for Kakslauttanen Weddings creates a romantic environment for newlyweds and is equipped with a warming fireplace and private sauna. To add a unique touch, it has a Las Vegas style bathroom with a luxurious free standing bath and a beautifully decorated ceiling which features glowing stars.

Alternate Lodgings and the Northern Lights

Although the superb Honeymoon Turf Chamber is the main accommodation for Kakslauttanen Weddings, arrangements can be made for you to spend the night in the amazing surroundings of a glass igloo. The igloo’s casing is specially designed to retain heat and to minimise external frosting, giving you comfort and exceptional views of the dazzling night sky. The glass igloo is also the perfect place to watch out for an appearance of the beautiful auroras of the Northern Lights from the restful setting of your soft bed. Depending on local weather conditions, you may even be able to stay in an authentic snow igloo on Kakslauttanen Weddings! Crafted out of pure snow, the snow igloo is a magnificent structure where you can have a taste of traditional arctic living. Temperatures inside are kept between -3° C and -6° C and you are provided with a snug sleeping bag and headgear so that you remain cosy throughout the night.

Thrilling Activities and Romantic Excursions

Lapland weddings not only offer an enchanting backdrop to your special day, they also provide the perfect environment for you and your new spouse to enjoy some exciting activities. Husky safaris are an amazing way to explore the beautiful winter wilderness, allowing you to travel through the snow-laden fells on a sled pulled by a pack of eager huskies. Journeys last for several hours and before you embark on your adventure you will be taught how to correctly drive the sled, so that you can experience the thrill of controlling your own group of huskies. The picturesque surroundings of our Kakslauttanen weddings can be further explored with a reindeer safari or a snowmobile trip to see the Northern Lights. The hotel’s northerly location and remote settings make it the ideal place for a possible sighting and as the phenomena are one of the most beautiful sights in the natural world, they make an unforgettably romantic addition to any wedding celebration.

Taking Care of Every Detail

As well as all of the major preparations for the big day, there are optional extras for Kakslauttanen Weddings that are available for a further supplement such as flowers, a photographer and DVD creator, wedding cake and hairdresser. If you wish for friends and family to attend the ceremony then our travel advisors can also take care of their arrangements, from activities to accommodation, whilst they are in the beautiful surroundings of Kakslauttanen. Weddings planned with the Mighty Fine Company are of an exceptional quality and offer everything that you need for a remarkable marriage ceremony and honeymoon. For further information, contact one of our friendly travel advisors or browse the website for some of established itineraries for Kakslauttanen Weddings.

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