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Unusual Weddings in Sweden

When it comes to the ‘big day’, most people hope it will be one to remember, which is why we offer Unusual Weddings in Sweden. If you want your wedding to be out of the ordinary, why not consider the world-famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi or the superior Treehotel at Harads? Whether you prefer a summer wedding or a less traditional winter service, Sweden provides the most stunning backdrops.

The Icehotel

Each year, the fantastical creation that is the Icehotel is redesigned and constructed to form a new and unique work of art. And because it takes on a different appearance every winter, it is the ultimate venue for Unusual Weddings in Sweden. Inside, rooms filled with ice sculptures glisten under the glow of ambient lights. This year, for the first time, a new suite that has been specially designed to feature the brilliance of the Northern Lights will be available and will make a stunning room for newlyweds to spend the night. Get married in the shimmering Ice Church, which, because it melts every spring time, makes your memories of the wedding day even more special.

Harads Treehotel

Harads Treehotel also offers Unusual Weddings in Sweden. Exchange your vows on top of a cabin that is suspended between lofty pine trees and share your day among nature. In the summer months, the Midnight Sun beams through the branches of the forest, shedding its lights across the Swedish countryside.

Your Unusual Wedding

Whether you choose to marry at the Icehotel or the Treehotel, there are also lots of outdoor activities that can be arranged to make the occasion more exclusive to you. If you are thinking of getting married at the Ice Church, you might want to consider arriving there by reindeer-drawn sleigh or for something a little more adventurous, turn up on a snowmobile, which will make you forget all about your pre-wedding nerves! Alternatively, for a once in a lifetime experience, book an Aurora Borealis tour and hopefully the alluring lights will perform for you during one of these Unusual Weddings in Sweden.

Since 2009, it has been legal for couples of the same sex to get married in Sweden so what better way to celebrate Unusual Weddings in Sweden than at one of these extraordinary venues?

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