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Whale Watching : Europe

Enjoy incredible cetecean sightings when you go Whale Watching in Europe

Join us as we go Whale Watching in Europe for experiences you’ll treasure forever. We feature whale watching breaks in both Norway and Iceland and combine our wildlife focus with a host of other cultural experiences, ensuring our customers get a real insight into their destination and an appreciation of everyday life there.

Let us help you find your ideal break with our Whale Watching Holiday Ideas and help you get your marine adventure underway!

Ultimate Experiences

Although we can never guarantee whale sightings, these ultimate experiences give you the best possible chance of seeing the creatures of the deep during your two sea adventures. Led by local experts who know the area intimately; understand the feeding patters of the local whales and, for good measure, happen to be very well respected photographers, these breaks are ideal for those who have always wanted to see whales in their natural habitat. You’ll sail in a RIB, enabling you to get a great view of any creatures you encounter during your travels and you’ll have a full and ongoing briefing by your guide, ensuring you know what to look out for and when you may see it.

During these trips to go Whale Watching in Europe you will be based in Andenes in Northern Norway – the only place in this part of the wold where you can reach the hunting ground of the giant Sperm Whale just an hour from the shore. During your time at sea, besides the Sperm Whales, you may see Humpback and Orca (Killer) whales as well as some amazing seabirds including puffins, eagles and Guillemots. Don’t forget to bring your camera along with you, the photographic opportunities on these trips are simply amazing!


Take in the stunning sights of Iceland while you're Whale Watching in Europe

Many of our multi-activity breaks in Iceland feature the chance to go whale watching either as an inclusive part of the tour or as an optional extra. Our Iceland whale watching excursions are centred around the port of Husavik. Here some 23 species of whale frequent the bay and you can regularly expect to see Minkes, Orcas and Humpbacks.

On these holidays Whale Watching in Europe, wildlife spotting is just one of a host of great activities to be enjoyed. As well as tours of the country’s world famous natural landmarks such as the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon, you can look forward to discovering all about local culture, hiking, horse riding and much, much more. Indeed, our activity holidays cater for a wide range of ages and interests. Our specialist Viking Challenge holidays, for example, are simply perfect for families who love the great outdoors, presenting youngsters with a whole host of new experiences and a real sense of adventure.

Excitement by Night

When you opt for a winter holiday Whale Watching in Europe, you can look forward to spending your evenings searching for the Northern Lights. The mystical Aurora is often to be seen in this part of the world, casting strange ribbons of colour across inky skies - a sight which, once seen, will never be forgotten. By combining daytime whale searches and night time Aurora hunting, you’re guaranteed a really magical holiday!

Ready to Book?

Whether you want a full on whale watching experience or would simply like to set out to sea in the hope of spotting these amazing creatures as part of your activity break, our holidays Whale Watching in Europe are sure to have just what you are looking for. Speak to our friendly travel advisers for further information.

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