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Orca Whale Watching in January

We are always trying to make finding a holiday easier so we brought together this list for our customers who wanted orca whale watching in January.   When planning a holiday for orca whale watching in January our staff consider a range of factors including local conditions and culture, the luxury of the resort, the needs of our guests and the frequency of orca sightings. From luxury safaris in Mozambique to river cruises through the vineyards of Germany, this is how we deliver stunning holidays time and time again.

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  • Norway: North Norway Aurora Adventure

    Choose from our Wildlife and Culture Holidays and become one of the locals

    Thrilling, full board, five day, wildlife and cultural tour of Senja, in a small group, searching for the remarkable wildlife that resides here, be it spectacular whales or fascinating land-based, Arctic animals. Looking for a short wildlife...

    5 Days From £1198

  • Norway: Orca Whale Watching holidays

    Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday is sure to thrill

    Five day, winter, Orca whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Go in search of the creatures of the deep on this gripping Arctic adventure. Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday whisks you...

    5 Days From £944

  • Iceland: A Taste of Scenic Iceland

    Our Short Breaks Iceland let you experience the best of this amazing island

    Action-packed, year-round, short break, featuring visits to the see the country's foremost natural attractions in The Golden Circle and experience the world famous Blue Lagoon - an azure, geo-thermal spa set in a lava field. On our exceptional...

    4 Days From £1059

Orca Whale Watching in January

Orca whale watching in January and all orca whale watching safaris provided by the Mighty Fine Company have all been selected by our team of in-house experts.  See all of our Whale Watching Holidays.

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