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Whale Watching : Iceland

Observe these magnificent creatures when you go Whale Watching in Iceland

Renowned worldwide for its exceptional opportunities for Whale Watching, Iceland is an incredible destination for all marine life enthusiasts. Home to the ‘Whale Watching Capital of Europe’, the island is regularly visited by 11 different whale species with 23 species being seen overall. During your Icelandic adventure you will also have the unique opportunity to discover some of the country’s other natural highlights, from the geological wonders of the Golden Circle to the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, all capped off with the chance to see the giants of the deep!

Sound like your perfect break? Well just choose a tour from our range of set out on a whale watching adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice! If you still need a little more guidance before you reach a decision, take a look at our Iceland Holidays Ideas or our Whale Watching Holiday Ideas and call our travel advisers on 0333 800 2033.

The Stars of the Show

Whale Watching in Iceland is so popular simply because of the quantity of whales, it’s also the variety that makes it the ideal destination. The regularly-sighted species range from the enormous Blue Whale to the smallest of the great whales; the Minke Whale as well as smaller creatures such as the Harbour Porpoise. Weighing as much as 200 tonnes with a heart the size of a small car, the Blue Whale is the largest creature ever known to exist on our planet, a sight of this oceanic giant is both rare and unforgettable. The Sperm Whale is another iconic species seen on these breaks; the deepest and longest diver of all whale species, the Sperm Whale can reach up to one kilometre underwater, catching giant squid from the sea’s depths. The star of so many unbelievable wildlife photos and films, responsible for the breaches and flipper slaps that are so popular amongst whale watchers is the Humpback Whale. These sociable performers are a spectacular sight when you go Whale Watching in Iceland and one not to be missed!

The range includes many other iconic species such as the second largest of the whales; the Fin Whale, the elusive Sei Whale, the fearsome Orca and many more. Discover these astonishing creatures for yourself on a Whale Watching in Iceland adventure and experience a wildlife observation like nothing else on Earth!

So Much to Discover

Whale Watching in Iceland doesn’t just introduce you to some of our planet’s most enormous and iconic creatures; it takes you to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring geological formations too. A tour of the Golden Circle allows you to discover the rift between tectonic plates, on one side is the Eurasian plate and on the other, the American. This is the only place in the world where it’s possible to cross these plates in a single step! Beyond this, Iceland is home to a sensational range of cascading waterfalls, towering glaciers and volcanic formations. The geological history of the country is written across the landscape for all to see and, with guided excursions, you will uncover the fascinating natural past of Iceland like never before!

Icelandic Culture

Experience the best your destination on Whale Watching in Iceland holidays

From ancient Viking ruins, to the original site of the world’s oldest Parliament to the bustling, modern metropolis of Reykjavik, Iceland boasts an abundance of opportunities for cultural discovery. Discover them all on a Whale Watching in Iceland holiday!

Step into ancient times with a visit to the Valley of the Sagas and explore the fascinating history of this magnificent destination. The remnants of Viking settlements are found across the land and offer unique insights into this near-legendary people. Leap back to the present, however, as you explore the thriving city of Reykjavik. With its incredible architecture, vibrant city atmosphere and range of modern comforts and draws, Reykjavik offers a real taste of modern Icelandic culture.

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