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Whale Watching : Norway

Catch sight of an iconic creature when you go Whale Watching in Norway

Discover the incomparable experience of embarking on RIB safaris from the rugged Norwegian coastline as you search the seas for some of the world’s largest mammals.

Whale Watching in Norway promises an exhilarating adventure as you observe a range of Norwegian wildlife as well as these oceanic giants on your expeditions. And with a range of optional activities to choose from, there’s plenty to enjoy on-shore as well!

Find your perfect cetecean break in Norway with a little guidance from our Whale Watching Holiday Ideas!

Norway: Orca Whale Watching holidays

Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday is sure to thrill

Five day, winter, Orca whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Go in search of the creatures of the deep on this gripping Arctic adventure. Our Orca Whale Watching Holiday whisks you...

5 Days From £944

Norway: The Ultimate Whale Watching in Norway

Go Whale Watching in Norway and get up close to the planet's largest mammals

Five day, summer, whale watching adventure to Andenes guided by renowned photographer and wildlife expert Marten Bril. Set in the far north of Europe, above the Arctic Circle, is the fishing village of Andenes - a unique location for Whale...

Norway: North Norway Aurora Adventure

Choose from our Wildlife and Culture Holidays and become one of the locals

Thrilling, full board, five day, wildlife and cultural tour of Senja, in a small group, searching for the remarkable wildlife that resides here, be it spectacular whales or fascinating land-based, Arctic animals. Looking for a short wildlife...

5 Days From £1198

What Will You See?

The waters of Norway are home to an incredible selection of whale species, providing exceptional opportunities for a range of unique wildlife observations. Witness the mighty Orca Whale, better known as the Killer Whale, one of the world’s most famous cetacean species. This magnificent creature is frequently spotted while Whale Watching in Norway and a sight of one of these animals is an experience you will never forget. As well the Orca, our trips to Norway offer the chance to see the giant male Sperm Whale. This is the only location in this part of the world from which these giants can be seen, ensuring an inarguably unique discovery for anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. The last species regularly seen in Norway is the Humpback. It’s these playful whales that provide the countless iconic photographs of tail splashes and jumps from the water, making them one of the most popular whale species to see on Norwegian breaks.

Norway is home to a range of animal life aside from the whales and you will have ample opportunity to see it for yourself. From marine life such as seals to bird life such as Puffins and eagles, wildlife breaks in Norway always offer something to see!

A Unique Souvenir

Why not bring back a memento of this unforgettable adventure that’s truly individual? Bring along your camera and take your very own, up close wildlife photos and take home the ultimate set of holiday slides! Several of our whale safaris are led by experienced, professional photographers who are happy to offer guidance on capturing the perfect wildlife images. So whether you’re a photography enthusiast looking for a new challenge of a wildlife lover searching for a spectacular souvenir, our range of tours Whale Watching in Norway has the ideal getaway for you.

Exceptional Destinations

Discover a range of spectacular species wherever you choose to go for Whale Watching in Norway

Norway’s top destination for whale watching is undoubtedly Andenes in the far north. This coastal village is the only location in the entire region from which it is possible to see the giant male Sperm Whale as well as the Orca and Humpback. Providing a unique cultural insight into life on so remote a region as well as offering a range of exciting activities during your time on shore, Andenes is an incredible destination for Whale Watching in Norway.

The Vesterålen archipelago is home to some of Norway’s most breathtaking scenery and unique character. A whale watching break to Sortland, in Vesterålen, allows you to search for these unforgettable creatures while exploring and enjoying the unrivalled landscapes surrounding the town. Our tours are available in either winter or summer, meaning that you can opt for a winter wonderland adventure on this Arctic whale safari or a summer retreat into this picturesque region.

You can also choose to embark on a whale watching excursion on a Tromsø City Break between late November and early January if you’re keen to enjoy a metropolitan discovery with a taste of unique wildlife. Please don’t hesitate to speak to our travel team if you’re eager to try this yourself.

A Whale of a Time!

Our selection of breaks include a spectacular range of optional activities. Take to the water again on a Seal and Bird Safari or Deep Sea Fishing excursion and give yourself even more time to discover Norway’s underwater world or opt for a land-based adventure and explore the incredible Arctic wilderness surrounding you by mountain bike or on foot amongst many other expeditions.

While Whale Watching in Norway, you’ll be based inside the Arctic Circle. From this northerly latitude you will enjoy the incredible opportunity to witness the Northern Lights brighten the night sky in a mesmerising display in the winter months or experience the wonder of the Midnight Sun and benefit from extended hours of daylight as you explore your destination!

Ready to Book?

If you’re eager to venture out Whale Watching in Norway and have already decided which of our itineraries is perfect for you, you can request a call back from one of our experienced travel advisers for any help needed with booking. If, however, you’re still unsure which adventure you’re going to choose, our advisers are more than happy to provide any further information you need.

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