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Whale Watching : Scandinavia

Enjoy iconic sightings of these incredible creatures when you go Whale Watching in Scandinavia

There’s something quite magnificent about the sight of a pod of whales cutting through the deep blue ocean in search of food, swooping and diving as they go. Our Whale Watching Scandinavia breaks take you to the best possible places to experience this pleasure for yourself and, with expert guidance on hand throughout your break, you’re sure to learn a great deal too.

Struggling to choose your perfect break? Our Whale Watching Holiday Ideas are just the thing to offer a little extra guidance to help you choose you the tour that suits you!

The Whales

During our Whale Watching Scandinavia breaks there are three main types of whale you may encounter:

The Orca (Killer Whale): The top carnivores in their food chain and often referred to as "sea-wolves", Orcas frequently hunt in packs and eat anything from krill and fish to penguins, seals and even other whales. Much smaller than our other featured whales, the average body length is 9 to 10 metres for males and just 4.5 to 6 metres for females. Males weight a maximum of 11 tonnes and females just 8 tonnes.

The Sperm Whale: Taking their name from the large, bulbous spermaceti organ in their head, Sperm Whales dive deeper and longer than other whales. They live in extended family units, are an average of 16 metres long and weigh around 35 tonnes.

The Humpback Whale: Named due to their habit of raising and bending their backs before a dive and thus accentuating the hump in front of the dorsal fin, the Humpback Whale is the best known of the large whales. Females can grow to a length of 13.7 metres and their average weight is between 25 and 35 tonnes.

Expert Guidance in Andenes

Capture stunning wildlife shots in Andenes on Whale Watching in Scandinavia breaks

Our Whale Watching Scandinavia breaks in Andenes, North Norway put you in the only location in this part of the world where you can find giant Sperm Whales just an hour from shore. These trips are guided by respected photographer and naturalist Marten Bril whose hands on approach means that he will always go that extra mile to make your holiday extra special. Marten pilots the RIB and acts as guide when you go out to sea in search of the creatures of the deep. His expert commentary and local insight ensure that you really understand this place and its watery residents and you’ll feel very much at home with his genuinely warm welcome and enthusiastic approach.

During your time with Marten you can hope to see Orcas, Sperm Whales and Humpack Whales as well as a host of fascinating seabirds. The local landscape is pretty stunning too and Marten and his wife (a qualified local guide), will be happy to tell you about the best nature walks in the area and the most interesting places to visit.

Wildlife and Culture in Vesteralen

Our Whale Watching Scandinavia trips to the wild and wonderful Vesteralen archipelago focus on the Humpback and Orca (Killer) Whales which returned to the area just a few years ago to hunt for herring. These magnificent creatures are now frequent visitors to the waters here and, on our whale safaris you can also look forward to seeing dolphins, seals and White Tailed Eagles.

Vesteralen is well known for its scenic beauty and strong cultural traditions and any trip here offers a host of additional treats to experience from dog sledding and taking part in an Arctic Feast to searching out the mystical Northern Lights. Indeed, our special Valentine break to Vesteralen is very much focussed on the hunt for the Aurora. Couples set out on organised expeditions each night that conditions are suitable. Just remember to take your camera for the daytime and the evening activities. If nature is on your side, you could come back home with the most magnificent images of whales by day and the Aurora by night, the perfect end to a day of Whale Watching in Scandinavia!

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