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Wildlife Holidays

Encounter amazing creatures on our Wildlife Holidays

Get back to nature on one of our Wildlife Holidays and discover an incredible range of creatures, from the mighty Polar Bear in the Arctic to the lions of Africa.

Wildlife watching is the perfect holiday choice for animal lovers as it takes them into the creatures’ environment and offers the unique chance to observe their natural behaviour in the wild.

Photographers will also love Wildlife Holidays as they provide unparalleled opportunities to capture some iconic images.

Take a look at our full range of wildlife watching holidays or check out our wildlife watching holiday ideas for more guidance.

Creatures of the Deep

Our Wildlife Holidays include a range of sea excursions in search of a plethora of marine life. The highlight of these journeys is often the sighting of one of the many whales resident in these parts of the world. Species regularly spotted include the infamous Orca or Killer Whale and the amazing Sperm Whale - provider of those signature tail-splashes and water spouts. Even without a glimpse of these magnificent creatures though, sea expeditions on Wildlife Holidays offer a host of other sights to enjoy. Observe the astonishing range of birdlife in Norway, or keep an eye out for the iconic dolphins of the Azores as well as an abundance of other inhabitants of the deep.

The Arctic's Finest

Wildlife Holidays to the far north offer ample opportunity to spot some simply amazing creatures. Visit Sweden and search for the moose that abound in the region, or journey to Finland and meet the local reindeer in the winter before heading off to the Wild Taiga in summer to search for the resident Brown Bears. And for a real adventure, why not travel to the remote island of Spitsbergen? Home to roughly 2,500 people and 3,000 Polar Bears, it’s one of the world’s best locations to catch sight of the awe-inspiring King of the Arctic.

Adventures in Africa

See mighty elephants on our African Wildlife Holidays

One of the most popular destinations for Wildlife Holidays, Africa is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking animals. Our range of holidays includes safaris to see the Big Five: the elephant, black rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard as well as river cruises to discover the creatures living close to the continent's winding waterways. A visit to a rhino sanctuary is the perfect way to discover more about these humbling animals and no visit to Africa would be complete without sightings of crocodiles, hyenas and antelope - so make sure you have your camera at the ready!

Your Holiday, Your Way

The majority of our Wildlife Holidays include a sensational selection of optional (chargeable) extras to enjoy. Make the most of your break by adding additional wildlife searches to your itinerary, or opt for thrilling excursions to local towns and cities and get a real feel for the culture of your destination.

Ready to Book?

Wildlife Holidays are a unique and unforgettable adventures for all. To book your own incredible journey, speak to one of our experienced travel advisers and get ready for the sightseeing trip of a lifetime.

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